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The creator of this community, not necessarily through all of his own decisions, is a student of the Art of Necromancy. Research in such a taboo magic is... difficult to say the least. Books on occult studies tend to be of the more light-hearted, "white magic", neo-hippy, karma-threatening, made up variety. At that, anything claiming to tell "the truth" on necromancy or related arts ends up either being a religious tome on the evils of Satan or a hack writers attempt at getting goth kids convinced that they too can summon the zombie hordes. Its disappointing to say the least. Any esoteric books you may find that even slightly approach the subject seem to be incomplete at best with facts and information.
The road has been a long way to this point. I've had break-throughs and failures and I wish to discover more. There is a lot of confusion and frustration involved in dark magic but here is a place to share those moments and understandings with others.

What this Community is: An open forum to share, discuss and learn about necromancy and other closely related magic arts. In this sense necromancy is defined as being the art of communicating with, contacting and manipulating the dead, deceased and hereby not of this world anymore.

What this Community is not: An open forum whining about the darkness of the world. A place to share ghost stories (unless relating to a ritual or spell or other such personal invocation of said deceased). There are plenty of other communities to share about the time your Great Aunt Mae jumped out of the shower wielding a ghostly axe and chased your dog down the hallway and then disappearing into the walls. But if Great Aunt Mae did that and now you wish to exorcise her, communicate with her or otherwise deal with her directly... then share. Ask for advice.

Upon Joining
Tell us about yourself... why are you here? What are your experiences? How much of an occult background do you have? How old are you? Where are you from (this is important if anyone wants to work together)? Share any other information you feel relevant in us understanding you.

There is to be No Flaming, Spamming, Other-Community-Advertisement, Hate Mongering or Ill-Will. Necromancers are a misunderstood practitioner as is; there is no need to battle amongst ourselves.

inappropriate behaviour will result in bad mojo being sent to you by the Moderator and you winding up as a zombie on a sugarcane plantation in the middle of a remote jungle...