nightordo (nightordo) wrote in morticians,


I have been getting many messages from those wanting to learn
Necromancy. Since my last message has made #2 search on "learn necromancy" on google,
I been getting plenty of messages from people all around the globe.
I have launched and empire dedicated to this ancient art.
If anyone wishes to learn email at the old one still works,
however if you send it there make sure to include "dark arts" or "necromancy" in the body,
so my filter will forward it to my new account.
The website is
I listed the site but you MUST email me to become accepted as an official Apprentice.
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Do you have anything to teach that isn't ripped directly from Ars Falcis?
sure but Ars Falcis where it begins for new comers.
You think I am going to reveal all the absolute secrets to just anyone online?
Personally, I don't think you have any absolute secrets - at least you have nothing to teach me. I think you are misleading others - you're all of 25 years old, I doubt you are a master of anything.

But that's fine, I'm happy to keep my nose out of it.
*grinning, someone was reading my mind*
Say and behave how you want. He isn't misleading anyone. I can Guarentee that. And if you have a problem with him, I wish you the very best of luck on that endeavour!

Re: Sure


August 14 2010, 17:51:43 UTC 7 years ago

he is only 18 lol. you can find everything he knows online because he just threw together ideas from different places.
And who are you!!! Have you trained with him? All basicscan be found on he net yes, as most people are taught it from the startand then go on to post other things on the net, not saying they are fromour order, but the basics are almost all the same, after you Finnish that stuff is when it gets interesting! And if you rock up and say I already learnt he basics, we mostly won't believe you cause a lot of people do not care for the foundational things, we spread our training out because it gives the members a chance to understand the part taught better, it also enables them to perform said technique better!