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Hello, I am a very experienced necromancer of the thanatoic discipline, and yes, there are different disciplines. You may call me Mark.
First and foremost, Necromancy is death sorcery, its real, and alive and well. Second, it in no way is related to the practice Satanism.
Third, for all the contradictions from different sites saying different things, they simply know very little. Necromancy is a sub-religion,
so to speak, its a sub-division of Occultism. The Necromantic practice includes; conjuring, summoning, praying, chants, secrecy, curses, and even death hexes. Its a deadly art, which do have its perks and a downside. I had  to clear all that up before I continued further.

Another thing I would like to note, there are no "psychic powers", only spiritual powers. And if you expect me to reveal some kind of  how-to-do methods for death rituals and etc on the net so everyone will be casting death hexes, you are sadly mistaken. I would also like to get rid of this insane notion that "spirits cannot hurt you", but yet they can shake houses and send furniture flying across the room.
You do the math.

I would also like to send a warning to anyone attempting to practice Necromancy. If you decide to learn to harness death essence,
and do not know what you are doing your health will go down the drain, worst case scenario you may kill yourself accidentally.

For those looking for some form of protection from demons, I recommend you head to a CATHOLIC CHURCH ( not a Christian church, there is a reason why there are no Christian exorcisms) or wear black  ( it wards of most types of demons, well it actually marks you as a follower of the occult, so demons will not attack its living brothers or sisters, but some still like to test you)

Now, having said that, I will have no problem teaching anyone the true dark arts. Anyone interested in leaving your old religious ways behind ( if your not yet already a occultist), and is ready for enlightenment, E-Mail your request to
and prepare to become a true Necromancer.  I also plan on creating a Necromantic order, probably called  Thanatoic Ordo. If interested send me a E-Mail.
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