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ok, so i just joined this group...in fact, i just set up a live journal account for an on line book of shadows and this is my first entry on the site.

i have learned much in my life, and one of those things is that i should never answer questions that were not asked. that being said, i will say that i have very REAL reasons for wanting to learn the necromantic arts...

i have some exp. in many types of spiritual and preternatural arts, and have VERY unique spiritual and religious beliefs that make it really strange that i would be so into necromancy, but i always have been. i don't believe (as many pagans do) that random energy abounds. i believe that necromancy involves mostly the to types of energy that i am most interested in....i would like to not say to much more, because some local magus i know may stumble upon me sharing it and be quite upset...but i am looking for someone with a lot of exp. (esp. in banishings) that would be willing to share knowledge.....

i have found that most resources are worthless at best, and i hope to find something worth reading here....i am not the most optimistic after my searching, but i figured it could not hurt....every quest involves searching....

i also have noticed that there really
haven't been any postings on here for years it is quite the dead board if you will excuse my pun, but there seems to be some quite wise people who are (or were) on this site.....i REALLY hope i can get some guidance from you...
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