Charon's Path (charons_path) wrote in morticians,
Charon's Path

I'm 25, and I live in Australia.

I have been a practicing/studying occultist for just over 10 years, but my interest in all things strange and unknown began when I was 10.

I am currently studying necromancy due to several bizarre experiences I have had in the last 3 years, specifically seeing and hearing spirits of departed people, and having dreams/visions of stepping through into another plane inhabited by the dead. I am also currently experimenting with shamanic journeying with moderate success, as it seems to be a useful parallel art.

I'm not a particularly morbid person; I went through a bit of a 'goth' phase in my teens, but grew out of it by the time I was 21 or so. I'm a friendly, outgoing person who likes to make people laugh, so necromancy, on the surface, would seem like an odd 'choice', but I feel like I'm on this path for a reason.

I have been 'cramming' in the last few months, pushing myself and my moderate mediumistic abilities to the edge, hungry for new ground and fresh experiences. I'm having some success deciphering the scattered whisperings of what I call 'Radio Dead' and I'm training my second sight in order to communicate with Them more fully.

This seems an interesting community, though from what I have seen, several members have been led astray by the 'morticians' tag...

I am keen to share thoughts, theories and experiences with other necromancers, and please feel free to ask me anything you like.
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