♪ Ashley ♪ (doll071) wrote in morticians,
♪ Ashley ♪

I'm leaving this community. I thought it was for talking about actual mortuary science, but I've realized that it talks about worshipping the dead. So I bid you farewell.
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i was kind of freaked out by that, too. i really don't think this comm. is to idolize dead people, it's just that one person. he or she is definitely in the wrong community, not you.
Well...I've left the community. I don't want to be any part in nacromancy, and it is listed in the interestes in the community.
Seriously, go back and carefully read the community information. She IS in the wrong community.
I know I had the wrong community. That's why I left. :-| You can easily be fooled with a community calling "morticians". Being a mortician is not about worshipping the dead. Maybe you should re-consider the name for this community.
Umm... did we not read the community info?