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Hello i am new to the teaching of necromancy, i am very interested in this black arts and i only know a few spells and i would like to know if someone here could please help me with my learning and maybe become my mentor or just help me learn new spells
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I have been getting many messages from those wanting to learn
Necromancy. Since my last message has made #2 search on "learn necromancy" on google,
I been getting plenty of messages from people all around the globe.
I have launched and empire dedicated to this ancient art.
If anyone wishes to learn email at omegaclassified2@gmail.com the old one still works,
however if you send it there make sure to include "dark arts" or "necromancy" in the body,
so my filter will forward it to my new account.
The website is Theshadows.freejoomlas.com
I listed the site but you MUST email me to become accepted as an official Apprentice.
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I am somewhat expierenced in the Necromantic arts but I have never had to teach anyone and I was approached today by my cousin who asked me to teach her.  I would like if someone could give me some ideas on where i can go to get help in teaching her.  I would greatly appreaciate it

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Hello, I am a very experienced necromancer of the thanatoic discipline, and yes, there are different disciplines. You may call me Mark.
First and foremost, Necromancy is death sorcery, its real, and alive and well. Second, it in no way is related to the practice Satanism.
Third, for all the contradictions from different sites saying different things, they simply know very little. Necromancy is a sub-religion,
so to speak, its a sub-division of Occultism. The Necromantic practice includes; conjuring, summoning, praying, chants, secrecy, curses, and even death hexes. Its a deadly art, which do have its perks and a downside. I had  to clear all that up before I continued further.

Another thing I would like to note, there are no "psychic powers", only spiritual powers. And if you expect me to reveal some kind of  how-to-do methods for death rituals and etc on the net so everyone will be casting death hexes, you are sadly mistaken. I would also like to get rid of this insane notion that "spirits cannot hurt you", but yet they can shake houses and send furniture flying across the room.
You do the math.

I would also like to send a warning to anyone attempting to practice Necromancy. If you decide to learn to harness death essence,
and do not know what you are doing your health will go down the drain, worst case scenario you may kill yourself accidentally.

For those looking for some form of protection from demons, I recommend you head to a CATHOLIC CHURCH ( not a Christian church, there is a reason why there are no Christian exorcisms) or wear black  ( it wards of most types of demons, well it actually marks you as a follower of the occult, so demons will not attack its living brothers or sisters, but some still like to test you)

Now, having said that, I will have no problem teaching anyone the true dark arts. Anyone interested in leaving your old religious ways behind ( if your not yet already a occultist), and is ready for enlightenment, E-Mail your request to Omegaclassified@gmail.com
and prepare to become a true Necromancer.  I also plan on creating a Necromantic order, probably called  Thanatoic Ordo. If interested send me a E-Mail.
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A blessed greeting to you all.

Hmm, never been all that good at introducing myself, more of a watcher.  Here goes anyway.

My name is Sinepra.  I have been dealing with the occult all my life, though i didn't understand it till i was in my mid teens.  As a child, I would play with the little boy that lived in the attic of my grandmother's house.  My mother was the first one to sit down with me and explain that the boy i was playing with was 8 times her age. (she was 35 at the time).

Talking with my parents i have found that i seem to have inherited "gifts" from them.  An over-active empathy that extends past the living from my mother, and a sight from my father.

Where as my parents didn't wish to follow or fine-tune these gifts, it became a bit of an obsession with me.  Over the years, i have met a few guides who have been my guardians and friends through this path.  I try to keep detailed records of those i come across, though some times that is not possible. I follow the Egyptian pantheon, and refer to myself as pagan to halt most of the questions that come with uttering the word "necromancer".

I personally see this art as a practice in aiding the dead, and in some cases, accepting aid from them.  Of course, there have been times when the only aid i can give is binding and banishing, but i do my best not to let it get that far.

I am currently in my Mid-Twenties, and living near Chicago.

I look forward to meeting with others who practice this mis-understood art, and embrace this opportunity to learn about others encounters.

-pleasant somethings
Sinepra Onashey
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Hello im a young necromancer thats looking for a place to talk to other necromancers about there methods of artificial spirit/soul cration and ways other necromancers use death energy, Necromancy is my life... ill help anyone that wants to know more on necromancy but i really hope there are other develouped necromancers here to.
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ok, so i just joined this group...in fact, i just set up a live journal account for an on line book of shadows and this is my first entry on the site.

i have learned much in my life, and one of those things is that i should never answer questions that were not asked. that being said, i will say that i have very REAL reasons for wanting to learn the necromantic arts...

i have some exp. in many types of spiritual and preternatural arts, and have VERY unique spiritual and religious beliefs that make it really strange that i would be so into necromancy, but i always have been. i don't believe (as many pagans do) that random energy abounds. i believe that necromancy involves mostly the to types of energy that i am most interested in....i would like to not say to much more, because some local magus i know may stumble upon me sharing it and be quite upset...but i am looking for someone with a lot of exp. (esp. in banishings) that would be willing to share knowledge.....

i have found that most resources are worthless at best, and i hope to find something worth reading here....i am not the most optimistic after my searching, but i figured it could not hurt....every quest involves searching....

i also have noticed that there really
haven't been any postings on here for years it is quite the dead board if you will excuse my pun, but there seems to be some quite wise people who are (or were) on this site.....i REALLY hope i can get some guidance from you...
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The Weirder the Better

Let me introduce myself, I make, rent, and sell horror and haunted house props in Los Angeles. I have corpses, body parts, bones, and headstones piled on every flat surface and crammed into every crevace of my house. My neighbors have called the cops on me on multiple occasions, including one full out SWAT team because I have a tendancy to take my work home with me.
It's a good life though, I've worked on some of the weirdest projects imaginable, and chatted with the folks who do the real creepy work.
So I want the live journal community to know, if you ever need to buy a dead body, or maybe just rent one for the weekend, I'm your man. Go ahead, ask for anything, the weirder the better.
I also perform in some of these B movies. Here's a shot of me in the new "Night of the Living Dead 3D"

And I drive a hearse that's been used in all kinds of productions, including one porn.

I'm also a total flickr junky, and started a community for scream queens and other beautiful horrors.

So that's my introduction, stay tuned for updates on all manner of B movies in production and whatever atrocities I'm cooking up in my shop.

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I'm 25, and I live in Australia.

I have been a practicing/studying occultist for just over 10 years, but my interest in all things strange and unknown began when I was 10.

I am currently studying necromancy due to several bizarre experiences I have had in the last 3 years, specifically seeing and hearing spirits of departed people, and having dreams/visions of stepping through into another plane inhabited by the dead. I am also currently experimenting with shamanic journeying with moderate success, as it seems to be a useful parallel art.

I'm not a particularly morbid person; I went through a bit of a 'goth' phase in my teens, but grew out of it by the time I was 21 or so. I'm a friendly, outgoing person who likes to make people laugh, so necromancy, on the surface, would seem like an odd 'choice', but I feel like I'm on this path for a reason.

I have been 'cramming' in the last few months, pushing myself and my moderate mediumistic abilities to the edge, hungry for new ground and fresh experiences. I'm having some success deciphering the scattered whisperings of what I call 'Radio Dead' and I'm training my second sight in order to communicate with Them more fully.

This seems an interesting community, though from what I have seen, several members have been led astray by the 'morticians' tag...

I am keen to share thoughts, theories and experiences with other necromancers, and please feel free to ask me anything you like.