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A blessed greeting to you all.

Hmm, never been all that good at introducing myself, more of a watcher.  Here goes anyway.

My name is Sinepra.  I have been dealing with the occult all my life, though i didn't understand it till i was in my mid teens.  As a child, I would play with the little boy that lived in the attic of my grandmother's house.  My mother was the first one to sit down with me and explain that the boy i was playing with was 8 times her age. (she was 35 at the time).

Talking with my parents i have found that i seem to have inherited "gifts" from them.  An over-active empathy that extends past the living from my mother, and a sight from my father.

Where as my parents didn't wish to follow or fine-tune these gifts, it became a bit of an obsession with me.  Over the years, i have met a few guides who have been my guardians and friends through this path.  I try to keep detailed records of those i come across, though some times that is not possible. I follow the Egyptian pantheon, and refer to myself as pagan to halt most of the questions that come with uttering the word "necromancer".

I personally see this art as a practice in aiding the dead, and in some cases, accepting aid from them.  Of course, there have been times when the only aid i can give is binding and banishing, but i do my best not to let it get that far.

I am currently in my Mid-Twenties, and living near Chicago.

I look forward to meeting with others who practice this mis-understood art, and embrace this opportunity to learn about others encounters.

-pleasant somethings
Sinepra Onashey
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