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I am new to this community (obviously), discovering it after a long and grueling search on lj for communities dealing with the necromantic arts. It is only fitting that I post a semblance of an introduction of myself. Introductions, unfortunately, seem to be the only posts in this community.

I am, as one should expect, a student of the necromantic arts. My experiences will not be included, however, as one of the first things I learned was the value of secrecy. I seek knowledge and the possible interaction with like-minded people. I do not expect to find it here, but I remain ever hopeful. I also desire to find someone who has been involved in this art longer than I, to be taught, to learn from others experiences. Again (as one might expect from the dour pessimist) I am doubtful that anything worthwhile will result. However, considering the amount of time I have spent searching the internet on this subject, I feel my efforts here will have greater benefits. Hell, I can't even come to a specific conclusion on the origin of the word 'necromancy'. Each website has a different version, and it's horribly irritating to find such contradictions. Imagine my sentiments as to the history of necromancy as portrayed by these sites.

I would also like, however, to convey my researches to others who would seek to learn this art, but only when appropriate.

My purpose here in this community is not to offend... but I do not take this art lightly, and those who do will gain no respect from me. If you are offended by anything I may say in the future please, by all means, consider it your own fault. The inability to accept criticism has been lost along with the majority of information about this art, and I am, and remain, a constant critic.

Also (another forewarning) my personal journal will hold nothing of my interest in the 'darker' arts. It is simply a superficial account of day-to-day life. Completely meaningless except to those who know me personally. You will find nothing worthwhile there.

I appreciate the time of those whose interests are sincere and I look forward to meeting said persons.
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